What’s for tea? Meal Plan 01.02.2021

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Well, it’s February and what better way to start than with a meal plan.

I’m changing it up a little bit this week and highlighting last weeks meals first.

Monday : Lamb, Rosemary & Sweet Potato Pie – this was lush, and very warming. It was also a huge portion so did for dinner on Tuesday.

Tuesday : Creamy Tuscan Chicken – nice, easy to make, will definitely make it again.

Wednesday : We were supposed to have the Gousto chorizo gnocchi, BUT we fell into a Dominos.

Thursday : Was planned to be Mushroom Bourguignon, but I changed it to a “fridge roulette” Chorizo & Veg Pasta Bake.

Friday : We had big cheese burgers with cajun spiced wedges.

Saturday : We moved the Chorizo Gnocchi, and had that with garlic bread.

Sunday : Mince & Dumplings with veggies

Actually, now I’ve written that out it wasn’t as bad as it seemed after the mid week takeaway. 

I did our food shop earlier this week, I’ve been making a habit of doing it when we NEED food, but I needed to nip to Tesco for a gift, so went on Sunday. I feel abit more motivated to lose some weight too so on Sunday evening I prepped some meals ahead for this week. 

Images of Meals made from previous meal plans

Meal Plan 1st – 5th February

Monday : Chilli Con Carne 

I’ve prepped this ahead on my Sunday session in the kitchen, and we’ll have it with rice. I’m tempted to say I’ll have cauli or broccoli instead but we’ll see.

Tuesday : Sausages with Cauliflower Cheese Mash (from the new PoN book) and veggies.

I’m intrigued by this mash, I’ll report back.

Wednesday : Sunshine Pasta

You’ll remember this from my meal plan a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t make it then so I’ve moved it to this week as my *new* recipe of the week. Going to try and make the pasta sauce ahead of time too.

Thursday : Katsu Curry

We make this peanut butter based version from Eat Well for Less, it’s the best recipe we’ve tried and it’s a nice easy tea. We don’t coat our chicken, usually just steam it, BUT we have been known on a weekend to make it lazier with Chicken Goujons. I might make this sauce ahead of Thursday too, if I have time or the inclination.

Friday : Nothing planned – shock!

We’ve both been working alot, and falling into takeaways mid-week, so I’m winging the weekend this week.

I’ve prepped a big pot of soup for dinners, which will take us to Wednesday, and I’m prepped for breakfasts Monday & Tuesday so we’ll see if I’m sick of the kitchen by then.

The two meals on my radar for the weekend though, either Sticky Chicken (Gousto), or Thai Pork Meatballs (PoN).

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