3 weeks in… first week of blogging was definitely the most fruitful.

So, I’m actually not WW, obviously! But sometimes I feel like I need to be.

There’s certain expectations we set ourselves, and they’re probably a bit too high to reach all of the time.

As I sit here on my lunch break I’m thinking of all the things I want to achieve this week, and it’s LOADS.

I want to be successful in my career, run a small business, be confident, friendly, loving, organised, healthy, good with finances, even better with cooking, get enough sleep, drive carefully, read everyday, switch off in front of TV, keep in touch with friends & family…

The list goes on… with all of this juggling around in my brain, I actually find it’s counter-productive because I’m achieving less, and getting further from the things I could easily reach on Monday.

I actually wrote this blog last week, and then my laptop broke, and then work got a little bit hectic and then after work I was busy or exhausted so it didn’t get finished or posted.. funny eh?! LIFE

I think it’s important for us to remember that we can be great at lots of things, but it’s not healthy or reasonable to expect ourselves to achieve everything all at once. And, I’ll try to remember this when it gets to Wednesday & I’m having a minuscule meltdown. 😀

Let’s take a break, have some down time. Be happy with how you’re getting on week-by-week. We’re all super women/men now let’s settle for how we are now, strive for a little bit better but don’t overstretch yourself. <3

However, if you’ve managed all of this as well as staying calm, fun & healthy with a full nights sleep, PLEASE let me in on your secret 🙂

L x