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Image showcasing the rebrand of West Lakeland Medical

Back in summer 2020, when lockdown was in full swing, I had the pleasure of working with some lovely small businesses. We worked together to revive their branding and in some cases marketing materials. With many of these businesses unable to open, it was a great use of time they may not get back when they welcome clients back into their businesses. 

One client of mine was, Bev Crosby from West Lakeland Medical. Bev contacted me to help with her business rebrand, West Lakeland Medical was formally a Business Group. The business was ready for a branding makeover. It was important for the brand to ensure we kept the branding clean, and it reflected the “medical” services Bev provides. 

Stationery Design for West Lakeland Medical

The process began with my own research of the business, how the current branding appeared on social media and online.

Starting the process with initial ideas, I presented these to my client for feedback; before moving through the development process.

Rebranding West Lakeland Medical Social Channels

Most recently I have worked with the branding to amplify her presence on social media. Price lists and promotional graphics to help push her gift vouchers & services while her business remains closed, under lockdown rules.  

Client Testimonial for Laura Jayne Designs Service

If you would be interested in working with me on your branding or you are looking for a designer for your next project, please get in touch. 

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