Creating the perfect office space

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Sorry – long time no blog. Life has sped up a little with the appearance of sunshine.
We moved into our first home at the beginning of September, right before the dark nights and persistent snow.
Now we’re into springtime (fingers crossed) we’ve started our decorating.
First things first, PAINT – we bought a new build and were told not to but 8 months in we are still in a box of different shades of white… it looks cold and spacious. So we’ve broke the rules a little bit and stuck a lick of paint on the bedroom wall and painted 2 walls in the soon to be study/office.
REWIND, when I first started my little LJD adventure I was living at home with my parents, working between their dining room or my bedroom… fast forward a little bit my niece was born and so I swapped bedrooms with my sister.
LJD became a dining room & loft bedroom business. Many nights I would work with only the light from my laptop or bedside lamp. Other nights you might have found me at the dining room table late into am crafting, cutting, sticking wedding stationery. One thing that never changed was my love for it all – no matter the time – no matter the location I would be designing & crafting.
I’m not going to paint a picture that isn’t true to me & my small business. One thing has never faltered and that’s my passion for my work. Yeah, it was difficult at times, with deadlines looming – late nights – bickering with family about the volume that  the printer printed at or that I couldn’t help with a chore or five cause I had to meet a deadline. It is ALL part of this adventure, and with each challenge along the way it makes my business what it is.
So fast forward back to today, in our first home planning my first ever “office space” – how to make it perfect?
How to achieve all of the pretty pinterest offices I’ve ever laid my eyes upon?
How to make this office space perfect for me, a creative, thriving for inspiration from every corner?
And at the same time for Jamie (my OH) who’s a management accountant, studying CIMA & loving on every spreadsheet cell he sets his eyes on?
Oh, and where to store ALL my crafty things that I’ve accumulated over the past few years?! 😀
Biggest interior design puzzle that has ever had to be solved… well, it is for us, at our current stage of first house 🙂
Updates to follow & new photos!
L x