But more than just design  

I started my career as an in-house designer, in multi-national businesses. Working within multi-discipline marketing teams, I was more than just ‘graphic designer’,  problem solver, coordinator, strategic thinker; the key extension to every specialised role. 


Design sometimes gets confused for art, and vice versa; design in this description is of the graphic type. I won’t be getting the acrylics out, but I can take on your brief & turn it into well thought design, whether that be a letterhead or a billboard.


Illustration finds it way into my box of tricks, from a lifetime of doodling. Something I have crafted from pixels on the screen using my trackpad, keyboard, or iPad & Apple pencil and a strong dose of patience. 


Script, sans serif, hand lettered, calligraphy – I admit it I’m a nerd for all typefaces. There’s a fine balance between what to use and when to use them. I hate to say though, you’ll certainly not find Curlz MT or Comic Sans here. 

Digital & Print Design

Print feels lovely, digital looks lovely. They both have a place in this World but they are very different to design in practice. Billboards or stationery, marketing materials or web & social graphics they’re all welcome here.

Packaging Design

Well, packaging design, kind of says what it does on the tin doesn’t it (pun intended). From giveaway merchandise, to chocolate bars & subscription boxes and everything in between. Packaging design feels like the design version of a Rubik’s cube puzzle. 

Branding & Corporate Identity
With a meticulous eye for detail & consistency, you may have just found the perfect designer for your brand or corporate identity project. From small business to multi-national I can help you develop your brand further than pixels & typography, everything from tone of voice to colour theory, I can help you perfect your identity.
Layout Design

Presentation is key with layout design; it also goes hand in hand with my love for the balance of the right typefaces (fonts). Posters, catalogues, leaflets, business cards, with a well balanced layout they work perfectly and it’s not a case of one fits all; that would take the fun (and skill) out of it.

Photoshoot Coordination
Having coordinated multiple photoshoots in both of my roles as an in-house designer; I thought I should I add this to my bow. I can help with fitting the creative brief into a schedule for the shoot, and I can assist in making sure the different teams are all on time and on location when they need to be.
Photography Selection

Just after every shoot, when your photographer has finished the touch-ups and chosen their final selection for your decision. It’s often the hardest task just to choose; with my experience in design for digital & print, I can help you choose the best selection of images for your desired use, making the best use of your photos and budget.

And when budget doesn’t quite stretch to a commissioned photoshoot; I have lots of experience finding the best fitting stock photos to fit your branding & campaign purpose.

As a designer, I can help you choose the best photograph that will fit multiple compositions and still be fit for purpose.  Making best use of the photography you invest in for your business & increase its value – more than just an instagram post.  

Campaign Planning

Everyone wants to make the most of their budget, but they’re not always sure where best to spend it. I can help you make some better decisions, find your most active customers and make that marketing work for itself.

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