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Hiya – I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas & New Year.

Have you any New Years’ Resolutions? I’ve never really set myself resolutions, but this year I’m determined to look after myself. 2018 the year for healthy mindset 🙂

I’m going to set myself the task of a blog a week. This may be a written piece about something I’ve done, a feature from my LJD work, a little blather about nothing, a gallery post of fun things, or even a kinda nice recipe I have discovered or thrown together.

I’m keeping my themes quite out there, in retrospect to how my life is shaped. One minute the crafty designer, the next the super productive housewife, then others I may seem to be a total socialite, traveller or just a couch potato.

What’s better than just following your heart, doing what you want, when you want to?

I’ve always been one for following the crowd and at (nearly) 26 I’m learning not to be so led by everyone else.

So let’s see what fun I can get up to, and if I can stick to a blog a week.

L x