5 reasons you should hire a professional designer

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Your friend downloads an app and offers you some help with that tooth that’s been giving you some bother… would you a) trust they’re an expert because they have an app or b) go to a qualified dentist?

In this blog I’m going to give you five reasons why you should hire a professional designer and not believe anyone with an app can do it…

1. Save money

By hiring a professional designer, you will, in the long term, save yourself money. By getting a professional to work on your branding, your marketing materials you will do them once. Maybe a few seasonal changes to your marketing, a change to your social templates or a new leaflet promotion. But your core design assets are set in stone, you have a brand with a strong identity, look and feel that your customers can get used to. You also get the “right” files, first time. No fuzzy jpg logos you need to get re-designed and no charges from your printer to “fix” your work. 

2. Save time

As a business owner, time often feels short. So, when you’re battling your to-do list and find yourself staring blank at a design task, bring in a professional. As a designer we have practiced the skills that make us “experts” in our trade, we know the software inside out, and we can often do that job you’ve been struggling with in a portion of the time. 

3. Make your business look its best

Because ultimately, your marketing materials and branding are what your customers remember. As a business owner you want your business to look it’s best. You know you can hire great staff with amazing customer service, a designer can help you with the things you might not have thought would make a difference. 

Have you ever been in a restaurant and thought the laminated print out menu was lacking the professional touch, and well what does that mean for their food.. it’s the same with your business cards, leaflets, social media graphics etc. By hiring the professional they can guide you on typefaces, colours, design layout, paper stock, each element that goes into making your business stand out and look it’s best on every platform. 

4. Great design is everywhere 

Being our reason to “get up & go” it’s more than just a job to us, it’s everywhere. By always thinking about design and seeking out lovely branding, well designed packaging, (the list is endless), we have an eye for what will work best. We have been inspired by or can see the answer to your design problems and have the techniques and skills to know how to best solve your design problems. 

5. You’re worth it 

When you hire a professional designer, we put out heart and soul into getting the best for your business designs. Because the work you are doing is great and you’re the professional in your trade, so, let’s get our heads together and make sure the work you are doing is better reflected in your design & marketing. 

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