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Luckily, I’m one of the people born in the first month of the year. It’s the 6th, you can pop it in your diary should you wish to send me some love 😉

Here’s the thing, there is a load of negativity around birthdays that fall in the first month. The perception that you should be ‘blue’, ‘skint’, ‘sad’ on your birthday is a load of tosh. You don’t get to choose the month you were born, it should always be a celebration. My lovely Mam has always preached that birthdays are a celebration for you and every age is special.

I have six reasons why birthdays in January are amazing.

  1. Cake & candles – you are never too old!
  2. Pressies – even when they’re brown paper packages tied up with string!
  3. Absolutely no dieting or detoxing – and you can still squeeze into your sparkly Christmas glad rags.
  4. Champagne flutes full of bubbles – obviously!
  5. Annual Leave – even if you’ve just been off for the festive fortnight. 
  6. It is YOUR day – so spoil yourself rotten. Get your hair done, or buy something new just for you!

Oh, they’re the same reasons why birthdays in March, June & September are all just fine, bright & full of cheer?! Stay happy everyone, and if you have a friend with a January birthday remember to celebrate with them and be sure to shelter them from anyone with the ‘January blues’ 😀

Here’s to all my fellow Capricorns, & Aquarius friends!

Celebrate & eat cake – I will be! <3

L x