Monday 18th June - YOU
Hello, in celebration of Just a Card week I’ll be sharing my story.

This is the face behind LJD… I am officially over the bridge and am “20-something”, I live in East Rainton with my partner (biggest supporter).

When I’m not designing you’ll find me cooking, occasionally baking (cheese scones are the speciality), watching tele or reading, that’s about me in a nutshell.

It’s all about problem solving & helping people out that’s where the heart of my designing comes from. Very cliché I know.. 🙂

Tuesday 19th June - Just a Card
It’s day two of Just a Card week!
How many times do you nip into the high street store for “just a card” and leave with a handful of other “bits”? How many times are you dashing for that emergency card before a party?! How many times do you get a genuine thank you from your high street retailer?


Running a little business is often rewarding but also lonely, sitting at my desk I have no physical contact points with my customers. I trust my social media messaging & word of mouth reaches the masses, and that they remember me when they need “just a card”. When an email notification pops up to say a customer has purchased a card on my site, it is more than just a card. It means the customer likes my work enough to purchase something, that they’ve thought of my little business in their buying process. That Laura Jayne Designs in East Rainton reached that person before the ease of nipping to the corner shop.
It’s never “just a card”, it means so much more than that. Make someone’s heart smile, it makes everything worth it.
Wednesday 20th June - Community
Happy hump day everyone. It’s day 3 & today I’m sharing the love.
Instagram has been a great platform for building relationships with like-minded small business owners, people who have similar experience levels who are happy to help.
I <3 the following businesses for a multi-tude of reasons…
Thursday 21st June - What's NEW?
Day 4 – how did that happen?! I hope you’re enjoying my @justacard shares this week.

Today’s insight is something new..
I have just launched my new range no1 music from memorable dates just 2 custom cards & prints at the minute.

I’m also working with @piffyandegg on some secretive designs to get their business off the ground in time for their launch event.

Also have other work on the go but these are the big newbies.

No.1 Music Print

No.1 Music Card

Piffy & Egg

Friday 22nd June - FriYAY
It’s Fri-yay everyone!!
To celebrate one whole of week @justacard love I’m sharing my happy Friday face with you all. <3
This is a little insight to the middle of my brain when the new customer order email pings into my inbox.
Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to shop small at every opportunity you have, you’re small purchase really will make a difference.
As a little thank you for all of the support so far… I have included a few freebies 🙂

FREE iPhone Wallpaper

FREE A4 Print

FREE A5 Print