Lockdown Laura

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Life | 0 comments

I’ve lost count of the times I have tried to start this blog, nevertheless here I am again. 

Only this time, I’m in lockdown, like many of you are too. I’m not a keyworker, and being furloughed I have ALOT of time on my hands. 

This past week or two, I’ve managed to settle and get some more reading done. I used to love reading and still do, but when life is at full speed it seems there is little time to enjoy it. Well, now I’m reading more, I have the urge to write more. 

So here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to in lockdown…

It started fast paced, I “needed” to keep busy, so I bought Spyro for Jamie’s PS4 and what do you know, I was shit at it so I gave up on that dream; I bought the stuff to make my own macrame hanger (wanted to do one for ages) loved it, but one ticked a box in my head. Coloured-in, did some procreate tutorials, did some business work, started a big website overhaul to improve my SEO and store (again). 

I also took part in all of the “must-do’s” I posted everything to instagram stories, I baked a banana bread, I cleaned the house like I’ve never done before (don’t fib – you do not enjoy it), started running with Couch to 5k (again), still haven’t tried a Delonga Coffee though. But when I do, it will be Toby & Roo’s alcoholic version for sure. 

And then, lockdown got extended and though 3 weeks had seemed a longtime, it was about to become longer. I started to realise this was my time to slow down, it wasn’t about over-achieving, ticking off loads of things I don’t usually have time for.

So, low and behold I started giving myself slow days. Now I’m having more slow days than fast but that is okay. 

I’m still running or trying to, I’m still baking cause I actually properly enjoy it, I’m speaking to family and friends more than we usually would, I’m reading more, but mainly I’m taking some pressure off myself. 

Everyone is in this boat, yet at the same time, very different boats with their own worries, their own anxiety, their own fear, their own pace, and all of that is FINE. 

This is not a time for competition, it’s a time for support. And I am so grateful to say that the people I have around me have never felt so close. The neighbourhood we live in is thriving as a very supportive little community too. There’s a cute tree of thanks, people have been creative and added their own memento, there are rainbows all around the street, it’s just really nice to see everyone come together. 

If anyone is feeling lonely, like they need someone to talk to, please just message me.

Take care, L x