No Tricks, All Treats

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A mini blog for you all today… when I was writing my some marketing bits this week I got onto the topic of treating yourself or your loved ones?

I mean like, for no reason type of treats, and not like buying a bottle of wine or bar of chocolate when you do the food shop… more like luxury things, like a candle or a bunch of flowers cause why not; things you don’t really NEED, you just want them and you know if you buy it you’ll feel good.

It’s the same when you buy a treat or a gift for a loved one too, something you’ve really put a lot of thought into or maybe it’s something really small but you know it’s just the pick-me-up they need. Even better, when they’re not expecting it and the parcel gets delivered as a surprise.

So, I’ve really gone back in time here, but I remember being maybe 14 or 15 (and this is where my dangerous fondness to online shopping began), I think it was the school holidays, and MAC were doing a collab with Barbie; I asked Mam if I could order the new lipstick & t-shirt, she said “Of course, use my card” or something along those lines. 

I remember it being maybe £2 or £3 to add gift wrapping (sorry Mam & Dad) and I was all heart eyes, jumped straight in, the marketeers dream customer.. was it a gift, not at all but whatever, I wanted the feeling of opening it. 

Fast forward, 14 years and I  gift wrap every order I send out… why? Well because whether you’re receiving it yourself or sending it to someone else, opening that treat is part of the experience. Much like, having a nice website to order from, or a friendly face on Instagram.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and Lockdown round one in March, there’s been a lot of community and family spirit,  looking out for one another, the simple act of sending a card or dropping off shopping to people who have been isolating, the smallest gestures can mean the most.

I’ve always been the stranger that smiles at you in the street, not because I know you, because we caught eye contact and smiles are contagious. They’re contagious and they’re free and you know what you don’t know what anyone is going through. I’m still smiling at people now behind my mask just hoping they can read my squinting eyes haha. 

So, what’s the real point of this blog.. since launching my stationery range this week most of my orders have been people buying them for others and it’s even lovelier packing them; knowing that the recipient at the other end of the parcel isn’t expecting it and they have been thought of by someone. 

In these bloody strange times, when the days are becoming darker and the weather is making it more difficult to meet loved ones for garden cuppas or socially distanced walks, have a little thing of someone who you haven’t spoke to in a while, check in on them or send them a card.   

All products and cards on my website can be sent direct to your recipient, it saves you the extra postage or trip out and you can do it from the comfort of your settee, just remember to pop their address in the “shipping address” instead of yours. Add a message to the inside of the card for 25p extra. 

I hope you’re all well, keep smiling and being nice to each other. x


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