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Hey gang, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, so I thought I would nip on and just write a little piece about my new love for Passion Projects. 

At the beginning of the year I decided to split my business in two, Laura Jayne Design has always been a full service design space, a lot of people know me for my wedding stationery and stationery products. But the split has been for a very good reason, I can now target my audiences better and give a better more tailored service to every client. 

So, now you have the context, back to Passion Projects. When I worked in-house I didn’t work on my Portfolio, all the work I completed in 7 years as an in-house designer, was designed for purpose, to brand, to advertise a service or a product, to a customer. 

But now, as a freelancer, I know my design capability is wider than the range of projects I have to show for them on my portfolio. 

I seen a lot of Creative Challenges and Passion Projects on Instagram and thought this might be a chance to design for fun. Now that I’m self employed there can be slower weeks, some weeks where I’m doing lots of admin, and sometimes I just feel inspired. I these times I like to set myself a challenge – design something “just because”, there’s no set purpose other than to develop and try out new techniques, and it helps that it can be used as content for social & my portfolio. 

With portfolio work, I’m the client, the purpose is to learn and practice my skill, so to find half an hour or an hour to design for myself really helps me. It’s the perfect headspace outside of client projects and admin. After completing a project I hone it into social content and present it how I feel best showcases the design.

There are a few things I consider when I’m designing for my portfolio and social… 

  • Does this fit with my customer personas and ideal client?
  • Does it fill a gap in my current portfolio?
  • Or does it showcase my skills better as a designer? 

A lot of client projects are launched a while after working on them, they have extra development after the initial work has been carried out. And some projects I work are white label, where I work on them but haven’t the rights to showcase as “my” work. 

With all of this in mind, it’s why I like to spend time on passion projects, and why my social content is sometimes more of this work. Don’t get me wrong, where I can I will share real projects but as I batch content now it’s nice to keep my feed visual, I mean I am in one of the most visual industries – so that makes sense. 

Over and out – let me know how you feel about the “portfolio” work? 

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