The perfect Father’s Day gifts

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I don’t know about you but I always seem to struggle with gifts for men; the men in my life are pretty laid back – got everything they need kind of thing. 

Dad’s gifts always seem to revolve around music though and I remember when we were younger it was easier to ask him what CD, Book or, more recently, record he would like. 

A couple of years ago, I got a flurry of design inspiration for his Father’s Day present. A print that highlights special songs & no.1’s from the charts on special dates. 

I did my research & created our family playlist, from the No.1’s on our birthday’s & my parents wedding date.

This is now available on my website as a personalised print – this could feature first dance songs, favourite songs you share with your family, songs that hold special memories, or I can research your dates for the No.1’s. 

It’s also available as a card, perfect for the No.1 “When you became my (Grandad/Dad)” on Father’s Day.  

*Last day for Father’s Day orders is Tuesday 16th June. 

All orders are sent by 1st class post, once they’re in the hands of Royal Mail I cannot promise a delivery date, we can only trust them. 

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