Top ten things you shouldn’t say to your designer

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Design | 0 comments

The passed few weeks, I’ve found people have lost some respect(?) or maybe just lack of understanding for my profession.

I thought I’d wrap it up in an almost fun way… what not to say to your designer.

Just before I start though, please realise I will always remain professional if you type such things to me… but, say them to my face, I might find it more difficult to look like I’m not chewing a wasp. 

Things to remember when you’re working with anyone with a specialist trade, they have studied, worked, experienced a lot more in their trade than you have; some of the things not to say below are in-direct quotes from people I have worked with.


1. “I’m sure it didn’t take you that long”

To you, this may look like a small job.

This one is actually a direct quote… and it made my angry typing fingers tingle. The job in question was in fact nearly 2 hours work, but that is not the point. Any work takes time, time in freelance is money, wages, bills, a livelihood. This small job wasn’t just a small amendment, it was a full re-format of a leaflet that was adding considerably more information since the first draft.

2. “I’ve attached our logo to this word document”

Well, can you just not. To work well with any logo it needs to be a high-res file, be that an eps, pdf or raw design file. They’re all a whole lot better than a low-res jpeg you’ve set into a word document. 

3. “We need it for tomorrow.”

Depending on what this is, what mood you’ve caught your designer in, or what time of day you have asked them there will be varying responses. What I’ve found though, is it’s usually a printed leaflet. a voucher, or something needed for an event. I’ll take a wild guess and say printers hate this sentence too, it’s just usually the designers that have been designated to organise the print. 

4. “It’s pretty urgent, if you could add it to the top of your list?”

It’s pretty rare now for my to-do list to be countable on 10 digits (20 in fact), so when someone outside of your workload & profession asks you to shuffle everything up because “they’re design” is more urgent, well it’s pretty hard to swallow. 

Be mindful of everything else your designer is designing.  

5. “We were thinking something more like this” (someone else’s artwork attached)

Remember in high school when the teachers used to talk about plagiarism? Well it still stands in adult life too. 

When you’re designing a project it’s properly blood, sweat and sometimes tears. There’s fear, then people actually like it and there’s pride.. what takes away from that? Someone re-doing your design, cheaper. PAH it’s not your work.  

6. “Could you make the logo pop more?”

Absolutely, yeah, no bother! And by ‘pop’ what do you actually mean?

Pop-out, like those novelty greetings cards Neil Buchanan used to teach you make on Art Attack?   

7. “I wasn’t really looking to spend that much, we’ll do it ourselves”

Sooooo, you’re going to do it yourself? I was just wondering why you enquired with an experienced designer if you were qualified and practised enough to do it yourself? Canva is not a good replacement an experienced designer. Remember, you & canva haven’t been studying & working in design for, like, ever. 

8. “Sorry we can’t pay you yet, business isn’t really going to well”

 I’ll keep this one short & sweet…. if you don’t pay your designer *NEWS FLASH* their business isn’t going well either. Not okay to use a service and not pay for it. It’s like walking into a salon, getting your hair done then just not paying. 

9. “I’ve used Photoshop before if you want me to show you the design I want”

Another news flash… using photoshop, knowing your way around photoshop… still doesn’t make you a designer SORRY! 

Again, remember all those year’s design we studied, the year’s we sat in the “designer” chair at work? That’s why we’re the designer. 

10. “Can you Photoshop this picture of me?”

Well, yeah we probably could to be honest BUT before you ask, how many people do you reckon ask us that? Also, your iPhone can get rid of red-eye, blemishes and a filter does you wonders.