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I can hear wedding bells, the weather’s getting brighter, the festivities are fading.. it’s time to start planning the wedding.

In the past week I’ve had 2 messages about wedding stationery, and 2 about save the dates.

If you think that sounds like nothing – you should read my Just a Card post from last week.. believe me, even if there was only 1 message it’s a big deal!

Here’s my step-by-step of the LJD wedding stationery process.


The consultation meeting is £50, but this will be discounted from your quote should you go ahead with the work. 😀

This gives us the opportunity to meet up and chat through your stationery styling & ideas.

Then along with all of your ideas and budget, I can go away and gather the information & prices I need to give you a quote.

This consultation used to be a free service however it has been apparent, that even in good nature, offering free time, samples to look at, some people aren’t happy with this and have taken my expertise to other suppliers. This measure has been put in to protect my business from these shortfalls & ensure my ideas remain my own.

I research through a bank of suppliers to find the prices required to fulfil stationery requirements.

After getting it all together, I can compile a couple of quotes for you, with different options available based on your ideas.

Then you can decide if its for you or if you want to tweak anything, change items, add items 🙂

Design & Craft
I design any digital artwork to match your requirements, then send for sign off.

Once this work is printed, we can start crafting your stationery.

Happily Ever After
Once everything is finished up, I package it and send it all to yourselves to invite your family & friends.

Then if you need any additional materials for your ceremony & reception, we can discuss what is required and it can all match up to your invites, following the process above. 🙂

More Information?