What is a logo?

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Design | 0 comments

Hello! It’s been a while since my fingers hit the keyboard for a blog. Well, I’m back and have some new refreshed ideas for content this year.

So before you get started make sure you’re happy with your business name. Sleep on it, take out every extra word. If you’re thinking of going Ltd check Companies House to see if your name is already registered to another company.

Then, when you’re sure you have a business name that rings true to you & your brand, then you can start thinking about the logo.

So, what is a logo?

Logo, noun; A symbol or a small design adopted by an organisation to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.

At the consultation stage of any new project for business there is a common theme, a lot of business owners ask that their logo is used to illustrate all of the services they have to offer. Truth is your logo doesn’t need to illustrate any of your services.

However, if you look solely at the name of your business that can, in a lot of cases, be enough to identify the type of services you offer. And in the cases where it doesn’t you will identify with a strapline.

Strapline noun, A short, easily remembered phrase used by an organisation so that people will recognise it or its products.

For example, Laura Jayne Designs, Graphic design for every occasion.

By using the strapline on my marketing, it identifies which type of design my services cover. So you wouldn’t look at my business if you were after Architectural or Interior design… but maybe in the future you will and then way my business name could stay the same and I could realign my strapline to cover new services.

So, you see, your logo isn’t just a little illustration, or a nice WordArt of your business name, it’s a lot more. In my next blog, I’ll explain how your logo, business name, ethics, and tone of voice turn your business into a “brand”.