What’s for Tea? Meal Plan 25.01.2020

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Week 3… writing this a little later than I had planned but I’m determined to keep at it.

Last week we fell off a little bit, a bad day on Tuesday seen a Chinese delivered – it was unreal, and well worth it and Thursday… I can’t remember why, a busy day maybe, but we got a takeaway Italian’s (supporting local though wink )

This weekend we had a M&S Dine In for Two for £10 on Saturday and a big Roast Lamb dinner on Sunday. We really enjoyed Saturday’s alternative to a takeaway, thinking we might swap Saturday eating out for this more often. For £10 it was really good value, and bonus we didn’t feel over-full or lethargic after it.

Illustrative Image of Recipe Books

Meal Plan 25th – 29th January

So onto the meal plan for this week, starting Monday using up the rest of the Lamb Roast in a Lamb, Rosemary & Sweet Potato Pie – it’s from the new Pinch of Nom book, but I’m going to make the filling in the slow cooker and keep it on low through the day so the meat will be tender for teatime.

Tuesday and Thursday I’m making new recipes from the PoN book too. Tuesday we’re having Creamy Tuscan Chicken with steamed veg. And on Thursday, we’re having Mushroom Bourguignon with mash and veg. With having a roast this past weekend we have loads of veggies in the fridge so I like to keep have meals planned where we will use similar sides otherwise it just goes to waste.

Wednesday, is a nice easy tea (Jamie makes this one), it’s a Gousto recipe we keep falling back on. It’s “10 minute creamy chorizo gnocchi with spinach” it’s a good one, we add mushrooms for extra veg and serve with some garlic bread.

I haven’t planned Friday tea yet, but I’ll be re-assessing the stocks of veg and then deciding. We didn’t have the sunshine fusilli or the beef burger last week so I’ll possibly be a burger Friday night tea.

Food snapshots of pancakes and tapas

Highlights from last week, obviously, the takeaways were great and well needed but from the meals we cooked don’t think I could choose our favourite. Baked Chimichangas these were easy and a nice alternative to fajitas but very similar. The Mongolian Beef, we really enjoyed this, it was a little longer in the making but working from home allowed me the time to prep it and get it in the oven in plenty time. And, chicken shashlik on Friday was really nice – we’ve had this before in a similar recipe possibly a Slimming World one but it was nice, healthy but also felt like a treat. Better than takeaway kebabs.

Three meals of 4 planned are new, I’m still on track with my New Years resolution. I think I’ll pre-make up some omelettes & some soup for our dinners this week too. A little bit of prep goes along way for easing up the pressure, and some days I realise when it’s too late that I haven’t ate dinner so if it’s prepped in advance I’m less likely to forget and fall into the biscuit tin.

L x

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my meal plan blogs upto now.. maybe it’s inspired you for your own meal plans. I’m going to link the books I’m using here (we’ve bought them all, but I have started with Amazon Affiliates so the links with * are affiliate links).

Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy*

Also, we do have a Gousto subscription but at the moment I’m in a good place with meal planning and with lots of new books I’m feeling inspired and motivated in the kitchen so I have paused Gousto. We usually sign back up on a discount and get a box of 3 meals that we wouldn’t usually have made at home. So, I wouldn’t choose a Bolognese or something like that unless there’s a change to their version of the recipe. We’ve had some great recipes from them and would continue to use them at times of high pressure when the kitchen and meal planning takes a step back. 

If you’d like to try Gousto or you’ve been thinking of it for a while you can use my code LAURA26941540 this gets you 50% off your first box, and when your box arrives we receive £15 credit in our account. When we get larger discounts we do use it properly and get 4 or 5 meals that week then it makes it more worthwhile. 

The recipe we are having this week is on their website too and I’ve linked it above in the meal planner. For busy families or couples I really recommend it, everything is portioned up ready and arrives in little sections for the fridge and bagged for the cupboards. 

If you’d like me to do a little more of a review on the recipe boxes just let me know, we’ve used Gousto & Hello Fresh and liked both for different reasons. 

I better go and make our tea, until next week – enjoy! 

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