What’s for Tea? Meal Plan 18.01.2021

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Week two of meal plan blogging… we stuck to our meal plan last week, I think it helped that I had some time during the day to prep meals ahead. 

We did have a little takeaway on Saturday, local pizza shop.. I couldn’t decide what I fancied so had a chicken kebab wrap.. not the most exciting tea. 

Yesterday, I made Midnight Chicken, from the namesake book I mentioned last week, it was absolutely lush!!  And with the leftover chicken I’m using it in tonight’s tea (Monday).

I actually planned this weeks meals last Tuesday because I needed to do the big shop on Wednesday. The previous big shop was on 2nd Jan, so when I’m planned enough, I’ve proved that I can make the food shop last us just short of 2 weeks. 

This big shop we needed meat, veg and some cupboard staples.. anyways I’ll get onto what I’ve planned, there’s 4 new recipes this week so that’s well in keeping with my NY resolution. I don’t think I’ll keep up momentum but I am positive I can introduce some of these new meals into our rotation as the year pans out. 

Illustrative Image of Recipe Books

Meal Plan 11th – 17th January

On Monday, I’ve got Baked Chimichanga’s on the menu. I can’t remember why but we have a bit of a joke about these.. I think Jamie mistook something for a chimichanga, but didn’t actually know what one was; not that funny but we mention them often, so when I seen it in the new Pinch of Nom book it went straight on the list. Also, depending how far the midnight chicken has gone this might be enough for this recipe too. 

Tuesday, I’ve planned Mongolian Beef, this is also from the new Pinch of Nom book, I really rate this book so far, I reckon it’s the best of their 3 books.  I’ll serve this with basmati rice and some decorative chopped chilli (on Jamie’s, not mine)

On Wednesday we’re having a little break from meat, I’m making Jamie Oliver’s Sunshine Fusilli Pasta, from his VEG book. I’ll link all the books at the end of the blog again. We made a few recipes from this book last year and enjoyed them. 

Thursday, I’m going to have a little break from big prep meals and made fake five guys burgers with cajun spiced oven chips – yum! I don’t follow a recipe for this but I’ll use about 200g 5% beef mince, season it with salt, pepper, onion granules & paprika.. I don’t measure just a sprinkle of each. Then split it into balls and squish down into burger patties and cook them on a griddle pan. When they’re all sorted I build the burgers in brioche buns, wrap them in foil and stick them in the oven for 5-10 mins. Also cheese singles (the cheap, plastic-y) type work best for this. 

Friday or Saturday, depending when we takeaway this week I’ve planned Chicken Shashlik kebabs and I’ll make some easy homemade flatbreads to go with them. The easiest flatbread I’ve made is this one from TikTok using yoghurt.. have a watch. I’ve brushed them with garlic parsley butter before too. LUSH. 

Food snapshots of pancakes and tapas

Highlight recipes from last week… 100% has to be the Red Lentil & Chorizo soup from the Hangry Lasses Cookbook. It was hearty, and smoky and really quite filling. Another bonus, it used up some ingredients I had hanging around the fridge waiting to be used up. 

Oh and the fish we had last week, it was pretty nice but next time we would steam the cod and keep it as a whole fillet as opposed to cooking it in the sauce. It was too flaky so when I stirred it, it just fell to pieces. 

I found last week quite nice actually, I managed to prep Monday and Tuesday’s teas early Monday morning so it took some pressure off, and was a welcome mindful activity. Then the rest of the week I just aimed to be prepped for tea by lunchtime and when it came to cooking it, it was all ready to go which definitely made it easier and more enjoyable than dashing around last minute when Jamie got home from work.

I really enjoy cooking, as I’ve mentioned before, but when you’re starving and just want to be settled on a night it can become such a chore, trying to get out of that mindset and now I’m working from home “prep time” can be fitted into my breaks away from the screen so it’s working well. If I was working in an office still full time, I would maybe aim to prep a night ahead, so when tea is cooking prep the veg and fridge it while you have that time. Obviously that won’t work for everyone and we all have different things going on but it might be something you could try to take off a little bit of that pressure. 

This week, I have used Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy*, Midnight Chicken* and Jamie Oliver VEG* recipe books. 

Hangry Lasses cookbook is available to purchase via their Instagram or Fempowerment, with proceeds going to Newcastle West End FoodBank. 

NB: We paid for all books, but the ones marked * are all affiliate links.


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